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Website creation by Stalex

Stalex CMS
We build our websites in our own content management system. No other parties are between us and your website.
Mobile first
Nowadays, a big chunk of site visitors travels your site with a mobile device. We make sure they receive a good experience.
Stay up-to-date
We won't finish your project without your input. We appreciate your feedback and aren't happy until you are happy.
Young company
We are a young company with a lot of motivation to provide our clients with the best of the best. We will get your project to the desired result.

Website creation

We are ready to start working on a new website for your company, or redo an old website in another way. Website creation at Stalex is simple yet effective: we discuss about the goal of the website, what it should look like and what it should contain. Next we start building, continuously showing you progress updates. With your feedback, we can tailor the site until we are all happy with the result.

The Stalex CMS

We made our own CMS. A CMS is a content management system: you can manage the content of your website without knowing anything about the code that is behind it. We can update the CMS whenever we need to without being limited by something that has or has not been made yet by a third party. We also customize the CMS for every project, as most websites have their own needs.

Based in The Netherlands

We are a company based in the Netherlands, Europe. We operate close to Amsterdam and are looking to build up our clients in the area. Of course we would be delighted to see people from outside of the Netherlands being interested in letting us make a website for them.

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